More fun in numbers.

Team Fun .

Cycling is all about fun, exercise and enjoying the outdoors – but it’s also about camaraderie, and riding the Bobbo is a great time to team-up with a group of friends, colleagues or family and have fun together.

Teams excel at FUNDRAISING. The Bobbo has so far raised over $1 million for our charity partner Lifeline and other charities, and through mutual support and encouragement, team riders have been responsible for generating well over half of that total.  And be sure to view our great list of team tools.

  • Quick Tips
  • Create a team
  • Join a Team
  • Donate to a rider
  • Manage a team
  • View a team
  • Team Tools
  • Team Prizes

Quick Tips

...If you’re about to set-up a team or join a team:

  • Decide on a name for your team and elect a team captain
  • You don’t all have to ride the same distance. 
  • If some team members want the shorter distances and others the longer ones – that’s fine!
  • There is no limit to the number of people in a team – the more the merrier!

Create a team

  • The team captain needs to set-up the team
  • Once the team is set up each team member registers themselves.

Not yet registered to ride yourself? You can set up the team during your registration here:


Already registered to ride? You can set up your team here:

Create a team

If the team captain or company prefers a single payment for the team

  • Email us your team name, team captain contact details and expected rider numbers.
  • We will send you a promotion code for each rider to enter when registering, so they do not need to pay separately.
  • Each rider then registers themselves and selects “Join Team” during the process.
  • When all riders have registered the team leader or company pays by direct deposit.

Join a Team

If you haven’t already registered to ride…

Once your team captain has set-up your team you can join the team at the same time as you register to ride

  • Start registration process
  • Before entering your details, select ‘Join team’
  • Search for and select the team name
  • Enter the team password if required
  • Enter your rider details and pay for your individual entry


Already registered to ride, and want to join a team?…

If you didn’t select a team when your registered, you can join your team here.

Join a team

Want to change to another team?…

If you have already joined a team but want to switch to a different team Email with your first and last name, email and mobile and the name of the team you wish to join.

Donate to a rider

Want to find a team or rider and give them your support?…

Good on you! They will be delighted you’re helping reach their fundraising goal – and so will we!!

Click on the button below to find a rider or team. Once you get to their  page just follow the instructions to make a donation.

Find a rider or team

Manage a team

Customise your team page

  • Each team has its own page where you can:
  • Set-up a team profile, upload a picture and write about why you’re riding to raise funds
  • Keep track of your fundraising – who is donating and who to and your progress towards your fundraising goal

To edit your team page or to monitor the team’s fundraising activity click on the

Manage a team

View a team

View your team page

  • You can see who has joined the team
  • The donations they have received.
  • Your team's total donations

View my Team page

Team Tools

Tools to help you recruit team-mates

If you’re trying to get a team together at work it helps to advertise the event on a communal notice board or by email, so we’ve produced some useful posters and sample text which you can use for emails. 

  • Sponsor Me Posters
  • Join My Team Poster 

You can download our team tools here.

Team Prizes

To show our appreciation…

After the ride, wind down and enjoy our hospitality...

Any team which has raised at least $1,500 will be given free entry to the Corporate Marquee at the start/finish area where you can enjoy a BBQ, cold beer, coffee and tea, cakes, juices, fruit salads and a physiotherapy service while your team winds down and shares experiences after the event.

More prizes

Although the Bobbo is not a race – there are prizes for a timed 4km section from the bridge at Bobbin Head to the NPWS toll gate on Bobbin Head Road. See Map.

A trophy will be awarded for:

  • The best individual time by a male
  • The best individual time by a female
  • The best team time (aggregate time of the best 4 riders in the team).

The best male and female rider and the team with the best time will each receive a trophy. 

There also will be prizes for the Highest Team Fundraiser and for the Highest Individual Fundraiser.

Prizes will be announced closer to event day

Please join us

Whether you're after a social ride or a real challenge, this is one event that has it all (including amazing scenery along the way). Best of all, it's a great cause ...

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