King & Queen of the Mountain

Put your speed to the test

Compete for King, Queen & Team of Mountain on the 4km uphill section

Riders on the 104 km and 80 km rides can take up the Challenge for the title of King or Queen of the Mountain and must complete the ride. Teams can compete for the title of Team of the Mountain. The fastest 4 rider times will be added to get the team time. The fastest male and female and the fastest team will each win a trophy.

Note that riders need to be joined to the team in our registration system by midnight on Friday before the ride to be included in the team time.

You need to have a Strava device on your bike or to download the Strava App to your phone. The Strava name of the segment is Bobbin Head climb (E). See Time and Location section below.

Please note that E-Bikes can not be included in the Mountain Challenge competition

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   The Details

The challenge will again take place between 6.45 am and 9.00 am on the 4km uphill section from the Bobbin Head bridge to the park entry gates at Bobbin Head Road, a steady climb of about 135 metres.

This year’s challenge will start and finish at the same locations as last year. This will be indicated by signs on the course, approx. 75m after the Bobbin Head bridge for the start, and just before the exit to the National Park at North Turramurra for the finish. Please note however that we have a new method of timing.

Each rider competing for the climb will be required to use Strava. If you do not have a Strava device, the free app can be downloaded from your phone app store. The Bobbo event will be created on Strava shortly before the start.

When you have completed the ride please go to the “King and Queen of the Mountain” area on the Bobbo website (under the Rides menu)  and enter your time. If you have a private Strava device and believe you are in contention for the top three individual or team places, please go to the registration desk and display your time.

Provisional results will be published on the Bobbo website and the winners will be finally confirmed on Monday after the ride.

PLEASE NOTE, Riders in each team will be fixed at midnight on the Friday before the ride. Riders are welcome to join a team after that time, but they can not be included in the Team competition.