Getting Yourself Ready for the Bobbo

You should be thinking ahead to the day and your plan for nutrition throughout the ride. Here's some useful tips to help you plan for the day.

With the Bobbin Head Cycle Classic now just 7 weeks away you are now under way with your training and enjoying the excellent riding conditions of the summer so far. 

You should be thinking ahead to the day and your plan for nutrition throughout the ride.

Its now time to start introducing the foods and drinks that you will be using on the day  into your ride routine. Don’t rely on the feed stations treat them as a top up if required,  plan ahead and get used to eating and drinking while on the bike, this can sometimes take some practice.

Gels, energy bars and powders are great but use them in conjunction with real foods like bananas, dried fruit and nuts, even home-made rice bars. Velochef a book by Henrik Orre is a great resource for delicious home-made riding food.

If your strategy is to ride on gels and energy drinks then find something you like, start using these products now, they can be a little tough on the stomach so by introducing them early your body can get used to them prior to the event.

Try to avoid the high sugar content drinks like Powerade where possible in favour of drinks that are high in electrolytes, these will help you to ride longer with less muscle fatigue and cramping. Hydralyte have an excellent sports electrolyte tablet that is available in your local supermarket


Don’t forget to drink plenty of water before during and after your rides, stay hydrated at all times, as a guide while riding try to drink one full bottle of fluid each hour.

If you need any advice on sports nutrition products pop into your local bike shop to discuss the products they have available.

Thank you to Justin from Sticky Bottle bike shop in Manly for contributing to our Bobbo Blog.

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