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Welcome to our blog! Mostly, we're average cyclists, and this blog is for people who are excited about our next 'Bobbo' - with content ranging from road safety, training tips, fundraising for this amazing event and more. Enjoy!

For all the experienced cyclists out there this article will seem a little trite. However, my target audience is those who don’t ride very often and are entering their first major community ride. Better to be reminded of things you should do before hand than find out the hard way on the day.

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I’m writing this article for the benefit of motorists who currently perceive cyclists as an impediment to their rights in using public roads. If you are a cyclist who drives a motor vehicle, which I know the majority of us are, you no doubt respect the rights of other cyclists you encounter when driving. Unfortunately, many motorists, who don’t ride bikes, have minimal understanding of the hazards associated with cycling, the degree of skill possessed by individual riders and can be quite indifferent to the fact that a cyclist is another human being whose life is just as fragile as their own.

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